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2018 in review:

2018 was just WOW!


We're spending a lot of December looking back at all the fun tattoos my clients allowed me to make this year, and wanted to take a moment to tell you all how extremely grateful I am for your trust in me and allowing me to try new things.  I've made some awesome art this year, and also had some great times meeting new clients and making some new friends.  I hope that I continue to see each and every one of you...even if it's just to walk in and say hello from time to time to share what's new with you.


Most of you know I was lucky enough to open my very own shop in July with my partner Julian and the help of my lovely better half, Amy, and I could not have done it without them! We've just been incredibly lucky this year, and sometimes I can't believe this is all happening.  We had moments where we did not think we could find the perfect place to open a shop, and then the stars just all aligned and it worked out better than I had ever hoped.  Renovating every single inch of the space our new shop was no small task, and the build-out took over a month to paint, remodel, and do the flooring.  We did everything ourselves with just the 3 of us, and I'm pretty proud of what we made! I love you guys so much, and what a crazy life we have together!!!


We love the plaza our shop is located in here in Winter Park Florida next to an amazing all night donut shop and the best pizza I've ever had.  We are looking across the street at the new homes being built with so much excited to meet all the new tenants, and excited to see the neighborhood here boom!


Having my own space to create in has been LIFE CHANGING...  I can't even describe in words the difference it has made in my work, relationships, and work/life balance... and only hope that it shows through in my recent art since July.  I can now focus on doing large back pieces and sleeves,

knowing that my clients are going to love it here and be comfortable.  I finally have space I feel comfortable working in from 10 am until 10 pm where Amy can come and hang out in, and it feels just like home here in the shop (minus our 6 cats, dog, beta fish, and quail lol)!  If you haven't been to the shop yet, you can basically walk right through it here in our Google walk-through tour:,-81.3007849,3a,90y,166.76h,86.18t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipN27MtFMqW79oAOzKLdP17J09SIfuOu5hKKj9mF!2e10!3e11!7i6686!8i3343?shorturl=1&fbclid=IwAR3YG9p1nm_BQyOq-WwWzTxiFOV3sNtVE50dsK7q4owTzM1pq_S9QfQvsoM


In 2018 I also got to travel and tattoo internationally.  Traveling abroad has made me a better artist, but I do miss home and now will be at my home base shop more this year.  Amy and I visited Norway, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and will be posting a blog for "how to do international conventions" in 2019 as well as doing some tattoos for weddings and photography!   So if you are interested, make sure to follow me and her instagram @thetattooedbride.  It's crazy that people all over the world have my art now, and that's an intensely humbling feeling of awe and gratefulness every time I look back at 2018.


2019 is going to be even better...if that's even possible!  I honestly have everything I could ever want, and anything given to me in this life is a complete bonus.  The new year is already starting out with a bang, and I can't wait to do amazing tattoos!


Be creative and find joy in 2019!

-Tim Lease Tattoos

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