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Cattoo Day and Raffle Winner!


These two little cuties below were adopted at our 2020 CATTOO DAY and their Dad was lucky enough to win the free $1000 tattoo portrait raffle! He got both of his little kittens tattooed on his arm as seen below:

Cattoo Day at my shop is especially important to us because my girlfriend I adopted our kittens from Orange County Animal Services and we have 6 cats at home! This is something we believe in doing every year, and it's a LOT of fun to see all of the kittens go from our tattoo shop to loving forever homes!
-Tim Lease Tattoos

We love this guy and his kittens and are so happy to have united them because of our event. One of our worries each year with running such a large and popular cat adoption event is the fear that some kittens might be adopted on a whim, and returned to the shelter. This is traumatizing to the kittens who bond with their new Cat mom's and Dad's and it's harder to adopt them when they are returned as cats and not cuddly little kittens anymore. However, with this Cat Dad getting his fur babies tattooed on him, we have no doubt in our mind that they have found their forever home!

They will be with him for hopefully the next 20 years, and his Cattoo with him forever!!! It's definitely a life changing moment to bring a new pet home, and one that will affect you for the next 10-20 years in the best ways possible!

Every year we host a Cattoo Day at my shop, and 15 cats were adopted last year at our event and a whopping 29 cats this year thanks to every single person that came to the event! Maybe next year we can get 44 cats adopted. That would be so great!

Check out more of Cattoo Day HERE! We will do this event next year too at my shop!

100% of the proceeds from our event was donated to the Orange County Animal Services of Orlando. We were are able to donate $4,000 to OCAS this year.

See you next year at our 2021 Cattoo Day!

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