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"I'm excited to be announcing for the first time that I am now offering a mentorship program."

Read on below or visit my mentorship education section of my website HERE!

This is for the tattoo artist that's wants to level up their game in all aspects, to book your dream clients, and to become more professional. This is a no joke mentorship and program only for tattoo artists that are serious about improving. You're going to get so much information out of each of these sessions. I've struggled myself in this industry and learned how to over obstacles:

  • I had no apprenticeship, and had to teach myself tattooing. Despite these odds I consider myself to be a very successful tattooer, and I'm still learning every single day.

  • Turns out that city councils can block tattoo shops from opening in their neighborhoods, and I struggled to find a spot for my own shop. Despite the odds I did open my own shop in Winter Park Florida and we are busy here every single day.

  • I was a contestant on Inkmaster and found out the hard way that I love tattooing, and I would like to focus just on the tattooing part of my job lol!


First, Chose your mentorship option:

One single online Lesson of everything I know and can share our time together:


Second, Complete the mentorship questionnaire:

Third, Schedule you first session online:

  1. Online Sessions take place Sundays at 10am-12pm or Mondays at 10am-12pm

  2. Email me with your preference at and I will schedule our first appointment to meet together!


What you can expect from the mentor sessions:

Sessions will be tailored towards your needs. Once you pick a mentorship and sign up, you'll select your goals by filling out a questionnaire.

Lesson #1: Goals

A discussion of your business and artistic goals. We will begin by discussing the questionnaire you filled out, and we will create structure and goals for the rest of this process. We can talk about any of these goals or more!

How to book clients and make a schedule

How to price and charge clients

Customer Service and selling

How to book the ideal client

How to create a cohesive brand

Improving your technique

Finding your niche

Workflows and procedures

Getting reviews and marketing yourself

Lesson #2: Critique

In depth critique of your work: portfolio critique and website. After reviewing your portfolio, we will review your website, social media, and blog. Includes portfolio assignments that we will review later together. The goal of this session is to get you thinking deeper into what your tattoo style says about you and your clients you are trying to attract. We will go over everything from photographing tattoos, editing your tattoo photos, curating your portfolio, and assigning future tattoo designs for your available flash and finished portfolio. Lessons on how to make Instagram posts and google business posts.

Lesson #3: Get Legit

A lot goes into tattooing! We will discuss all of the tools and supplies that you need to purchase or be using to tattoo legitimately right now. Everything from the best machines I’ve used, things I’ve tried to used and have regretted, to my favorite numbing products and inks and aftercare!

Some of the things we will talk about:






Thoughtful ways to make your client more comfortable

Business tools: tattoo license, biomedical waste, etc

Lesson #4: Design and Application

In this lesson we will talk about designing your tattoos digitally. Everything from taking the clients reference photos and designing a one of a kind custom piece. How to merge your style with the clients ideas and needs. How to make a design flow and fit the body in various areas on the body. How to apply a stencil the best way on tricky parts of the body and large full body stencils. Techniques with shading, lining, and overall application.

Lesson #5: Technique (in person)

In this lesson you will meet me at my shop and will observe and shadow a 4 hour tattoo session from start to finish. You will observe how I design the tattoo right in front of the client digitally, apply the stencil, tattoo, and apply the aftercare. You will also see in person how a professional tattoo shop is managed and operated on a daily basis and will meet my apprentice and team to build your network!



Many of you know that I am no stranger to teaching, and I used to teach music lessons for 10 years before becoming a tattooer. My better half, Amy Edwards, from Full Sail University has a master's degree in leadership education and 10 years of teaching experience, combined with my master's in fine art plus my 10 years of teaching music, PLUS my 7 years of tattooing: we have created a full mentorship program for YOU!

When I was a little tatter tot I didn't have an apprenticeship, and I had to learn the hard way how to do everything in trust me in saying that everything I learned really stuck with me.

I'm a big believer in "community over competition"

There are a lot of tattooers in this world, but the community that really supports and elevates each other in this community is small. I want you to be in on this journey and connect as many tattooers together as possible! You will get access to a members only facebook group that I will post tips and stories in continually. Become one of my first mentees and brag about it forever!


In addition to my mentorship program, I am also taking on one new apprentice for 2021 and am currently taking applications and interviewing. Special consideration to anyone in my mentorship program will apply. You could be my new apprentice! To apply for my apprenticeship position please fill out this application:

Meet my first apprentice, Alisa Kislych!

I can't wait to meet you and to connect with you soon!

-Tim Lease Tattoos

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