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I'm glad you're here!  That means you are ready to level up!

Let's talk about my mentoring sessions for tattoo artists:

One-On-One Mentorship Program $3000 ($250 an hour)


This is for the artist that has already started tattooing,  and wants to up their game! If you cannot do an apprenticeship with me, but still want to be my mentee this is a full program for you! Each Session is 2 hours online, and the last session is in person at my shop. I make myself available to all of my mentees between sessions, and will give advice on custom designs and pricing and anything else I can be of help with.  All of our sessions will be on zoom except for the last in person session, and personalized depending on your goals.  

Lesson #1: Goals -2hrs ZOOM

A discussion of your business and artistic goals.  We will begin by discussing the questionnaire you filled out, and we will create structure and goals for the rest of this process.  We can talk about any of these goals or more! 

  • How to book clients and make a schedule

  • How to price and charge clients 

  • Customer Service and selling 

  • How to book the ideal client

  • How to create a cohesive brand 

  • Improving your technique

  • Finding your niche

  • Workflows and procedures 

  • Getting reviews 

Lesson #2: Critique -2hrs ZOOM

In depth critique of your work: portfolio critique and website.  After reviewing your portfolio, we will review your website, social media, and blog.  Includes portfolio assignments that we will review later together.  The goal of this session is to get you thinking deeper into what your tattoo style says about you and your clients you are trying to attract.  We will go over everything from photographing tattoos, editing your tattoo photos, curating your portfolio, and assigning future tattoo designs for your available flash and finished portfolio.  Lessons on how to make Instagram posts and google business posts.  

Lesson #3: Get Legit -2hrs ZOOM

A lot goes into tattooing!  We will discuss all of the tools and supplies that you need to purchase or be using to tattoo legitimately right now.  Everything from the best machines I’ve used, things I’ve tried to used and have regretted, to my favorite numbing products and inks and aftercare! 

Some of the things we will talk about: 

  • Machines

  • Supplies

  • Inks

  • Aftercare

  • Numbing 

  • Thoughtful ways to make your client more comfortable

  • Business tools: tattoo license, biomedical waste, etc

Lesson #4: Design and Application - 2hrs ZOOM
  • In this lesson we will talk about: designing your tattoos digitally.  

  • Everything from taking the clients reference photos and designing a one of a kind custom piece.  

  • How to merge your style with the clients ideas and needs.  

  • How to make a design flow and fit the body in various areas on the body.  

  • How to apply a stencil the best way on tricky parts of the body and large full body stencils.  

  • Techniques with shading, lining, and overall application.  

Lesson #5: Technique 4 hours - IN PERSON

In this lesson you will meet me at my shop and will observe and shadow a 4 hour tattoo session from start to finish.  


You will observe how I design the tattoo right in front of the client digitally, apply the stencil, tattoo, and apply the aftercare.  


You will also see in person how a professional tattoo shop is managed and operated on a daily basis and will meet my apprentice and team to build your network! 

One-On-One Single Session
2 Hour Mentorship Session $500


This is for the artist that wants to up their game! This session is a 2 hour online zoom session discussing your goals and questions.  We can personalize this session to talk about goals, critique your work, becoming more professional, designing, and tattoo techniques.  After a quick hello we will get right down to business and cover as much as possible.  Customized per your questionnaire filled out prior to our meeting. 

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