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Free In-Person Consult With Tim Lease

At Golden Tarot Ink Club

  • 30 min
  • Free Consultation
  • Howell Branch Road

Service Description

Consultations are free of charge and will be at my new shop in Winter Park Florida called Golden Tarot Ink Club! During a consultation we will discuss the tattoo and placement. If you feel you want to move forward after the consultation I will take an $100 deposit and book your appointment ( paypal, and cash accepted in person).

Cancellation Policy

BOOKING FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. THE BOOKING FEE WILL BE LOST IF YOU RESCHEDULE THIS APPOINTMENT, CANCEL, OR NO-SHOW, AND YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO MAKE A NEW BOOKING FEE ONLINE FOR YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT. No exceptions or extenuating circumstances. Please email us in advance if you cannot make it to your appointment so that we can try to fill in your canceled slot with another client. To reschedule, you will need to visit the website again and book a new appointment online in the next available date on the calendar. Commonly Asked Questions:  How much is it? Tim's hourly rate is $250 per hour, and a Booking Fee is required when you book your appt. The booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if you cancel for any reason, and will go towards your tattoo session price if you do not cancel, so you already have paid a little bit before you come!    ​ How Can I Pay? We have an ATM in the studio that accepts all major debit cards.  We accept Paypal online when you put down your booking fee, but in the shop we only accept cash for your total session at checkout.  If you come in person to the shop to put down a booking fee we only accept cash.   Why Booking Fee? It holds your guaranteed spot to get tattooed that day.  Tim rarely takes walk-ins and is always busy tattooing. The chances of walking in that day and getting a tattoo are rare, and you are very lucky if Tim can squeeze you in!  ​ If I cancel, reschedule, or no show for an appointment will I lose my booking fee? Sorry, but yes.  Booking Fee will be lost if you reschedule, cancel, or do not show to your appointment.  For any reason if you cancel, reschedule, or cannot  make it to your appointment, you will forfeit your booking fee and will be required to submit a new booking fee if you wish to book a new appt or move your appt to a new date.  No exceptions or extenuating circumstances.  Why are 6 and 8 hour session booking fees more? The bigger the tattoo and drawing...the bigger the booking fee. Please consider if you book an 8-hour tattoo, and do not come to your appointment the artist has lost an entire day of wages.   How long should I book my appt for?  When you make your appt consult with me how long the appt will take and choose below, or decide how long you want to sit and choose those hours below. We can do multiple sessions per tattoo.  At the end of your session in the shop we will book your next session together if needed to continue. Will I see the design before I come? Sorry, but no.  Tim will draw some large appointments the morning of, or evening before your appointment but most appointments are done in person when you come to your appointment.  Everything is drawn digitally. Tim will take a photo of your body at the appointment and draw your tattoo on our surface pro, surface studio, surface book, and ipads.  ​ BLOGGING AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Tim Lease Tattoos maintains a blog, social media, and portfolio on his website, on which he showcases work from tattoo sessions. Please note that the tattoo artist does not blog or post all tattoos, and does not guarantee that the Client’s tattoo will be featured on the blog or portfolios. The tattoo blogs, portfolio, and social media are based on many factors including repetitiveness of subject matter (e.g., Tattooer may tattoo the same type of flowers multiple times in a year, and in order to keep the social media/blog/portfolio content fresh, all tattoos may not be featured), Tattooer's other workload (during busy seasons tattooer is unable to blog as frequently), and many other factors. Client is encouraged to not take it personally if their tattoo is not featured. Images featured on the blog/website/portfolio are at the discretion of the tattooer.  Still have questions? Email and Tim's booking manager will get back to you asap! 

Contact Details

  • Tim Lease Custom Tattoos, Howell Branch Road, Winter Park, FL, USA

    + + 4077257072

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