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Over the past year I finally had the time (and knowledge) to take on my first apprentice, and I'm so dang proud of her that I want to introduce her to you all. Introducing my apprentice: Alisa Kislych!

Right now I have Alisa starting out slow by drawing up her own flash designs, and I book about 3 session for her a day for small $80, $150, and $250 tattoos. She will be doing larger pieces and custom work after Jan 1st, 2020. Some of my clients have already gotten tattooed by Alisa since she started here under my supervision, and I would love to see some more of my trusted clients coming in to get a small fun tat from Alisa! You can book Alisa's apprentice flash tats HERE on my shop's website:


Ok, now it's YOUR turn.

Do YOU want to be my next apprentice? I am taking applications now for 2021. Please watch the video above, and if you feel you have what it takes you can fill out an application! No horror apprentice stories here. I won't make you scrub floors on your hands and knees (maybe just wash my jeep from time to time lol), but I am looking for certain qualities in a new apprentice. You must have availability in 2021 to dedicate almost every single day to coming into the shop. You must have a strong portfolio and be able to draw. I'm looking for tattooers just like Alisa here who has been drawing, and I'm looking for things in your portfolio like a drawing of a rose (about a hundred times until you can draw it from memory). I'm also looking for artists that don't just copy things you like, but are at that next level of starting to develop your voice and style as an artist. If you think you have what it takes, I think I can make you a tattooer!




Many of you know that I am no stranger to teaching, and I used to teach music lessons for 10 years before becoming a tattooer. My better half, Amy Edwards, from Full Sail University has a master's degree in leadership education and 10 years of teaching experience, combined with my master's in fine art plus my 10 years of teaching music, PLUS my 7 years of tattooing: we have created a full mentorship program for YOU! This is a no joke program. If you are really serious about tattooing and you don't have the time to apprentice, this is a crash course in tattooing and you're going to get so much information out of these session. You're still going to have to apprentice somewhere, but this will give you a good foundation in tattooing and help you decide if this is the right career for you. This is also great for the beginner tattooer, or the tattooer that just wants to level up your game. When I was a little tatter tot I didn't have an apprenticeship, and I had to learn the hard way how to do everything in tattooing, so trust me in saying that everything I learned really stuck with me.

"I'm excited to be announcing for the first time here that I am now offering a mentorship program."

Way more on this later, but you can find all the information on my education page HERE:

This is for the tattoo artist that's wants to level up their game in all aspects, to book your dream clients, and to become more professional.

There are two mentorship options:

1) One-On-One 2 hour online zoom session - $300

2) One-On-One complete program that includes four online session and one 4 hour in person session at my shop - $1000

I love this job!


-Tim Lease Tattoos

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