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Matching Tattoos For Couples

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Matching Tattoos and Photoshoot

Have you ever wanted to get matching tattoos? Why not document the experience with a professional photoshoot? Well now you can have both with the amazing team of Tim Lease Tattoos and The Tattooed Bride Photography

Types of photo sessions you can do with your tattoos:

  • Get tattooed and your engagement photos

  • Craft a full day elopement photography session and get your wedding rings tattooed or a flower from your bouquet tattooed

  • Celebrate your one year anniversary with tattoos and a photoshoot in your new home or your favorite park to hang out in.

  • Single as a Pringle or not celebrating anything? Get tattoos with your best friend and a tacos and margarita fun styled photoshoot afterward. Just cuz! Great for Best Friends!

  • Have a party at our tattoo shop with all of your friends for an event or bachelor/bachelorette party.

  • Get tattooed at your wedding! YES THAT'S RIGHT! Ask how!

Email to book or chat more! -Amy Edwards The Tattooed Bride Photography

I've seen it a million times at our tattoo studio. A client will get a tattoo, and then try to reach around their back with the selfie camera on to get a blurry photo to capture the memory of the moment and I'll try to figure out how to use their android camera phone. Amy's photography business is called THE TATTOOED BRIDE, and she LOVES to take clients out on the streets of Winter Park after our tattoo sessions for engagement photos or just because photos. It's a really adventurous way to turn getting a tattoo in a memorable experience and to share that story with your friends and family! DJ and Alicia (in the photo above) saw a hummingbird on a romantic vacation, and after that they started seeing them and noticing them more everywhere. The hummingbird has become a symbol for their friendship and union together, and what better tattoo than these cute little flying gems to get together! They spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Winter Park and touring flower gardens with their new little hummingbirds on a photoshoot. What a great story to tell at thier wedding, and every time someone asks about their tattoos together. They also are really cool when they are walking hand in hand down the sidewalk and the hummingbirds are together again! You can get your own custom matching tattoos (anything you want) for $200 an hour by Tim Lease when you add the tattoos to a photoshoot with The Tattooed Bride Photography. Tim's normal hourly fee is $250 an hour, so you are getting little bit of a discount and your story incredibly documented! It's easy to add couples tattoos to any engagement photoshoot, wedding, or anniversary/celebration photoshoot.


1. You must first book your photoshoot with Amy by contacting her at and let her know you would like to also get the matching tattoos. Matching tattoos photograph so much better if they are in a visible area (arms, legs, shoulders, ankles, for example). We can do rib cage tattoos or back (or your booty), but that would limit your photoshoot to the beach or an in-home session to show them off! Which, some people prefer to do a romantic beach walk at sunrise anyway!

2. Amy will book your couples tattoo, and you will get VIP access to get your tattoo done outside of regular hours during our private studio hours here at Golden Tarot Ink Club.  I tend to be normally booked out for months, but Amy will give you access to book your session the day of or two weeks before your photoshoot or wedding. Everything is better when we all work together!

Hope to see you soon! Take your next step and email Amy with your ideas!

Email to book or chat more! -Amy Edwards The Tattooed Bride Photography

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