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Collaboration tattoos and interview on how Tim & Fain met, and what it's like to work together!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Have you ever wanted to get a full back piece, chest piece, or leg sleeve but the amount of time and pain that goes into that is holding you back? Maybe you have a full piece, and now you wish you could have done this to save the time and pain!


Good news! My good friend AND co-worker, Little Fang Tattoos, and I are doing collaboration tattoos for large scale pieces. Having two tattoo artists tattooing you at one has a ton of benefits. Let me tell you why:

1. You're going to finish your tattoo in HALF THE TIME it would normally take! For some, you may have a huge tattoo you've been trying to get done for a year, two years, or longer. Hey, I get it. I'm going on 2 years for my back piece because it's hard to find time that me and my artist artist are both free to do 20 hours of sessions together. With Two artists working at once, we can line out your whole back, chest, or leg in a few hours AND start shading and completing some sections on the same day. After that you need maybe one more full day of us both working on it and BAM it's glorious and done so fast!

2. You have TWO amazing creatives designing your piece together. We feed off of each other and help each other to become better and better when we work together. I've been tattooing for years, and when I'm designing a piece with someone who is similar to me, like Fain, it brings a fresh perspective into the design. Plus, it's just more fun for us and the client to rock out a huge piece together.

3. LESS PAIN! We will pre-numb you before you start getting tattooed. You need about an hour with the pre-numb on, so you will soak in this stuff while we draw your design together with you at the shop! We will also numb you multiple times during your session so that you can sit for as long as possible. To learn more about the numbing check this out HERE.

4. You'll never be bored! With two tattoo artist, 3 tv's, our stories, serenades, and video games at the shop you will be entertained the entire time we work on your piece. Our photographer will also be popping in to document your work with for these sessions!

5. We'll all take breaks for food together and give you the time you need. Fain and I are very attentive to helping a client sit for long 6-8+ hour sessions, and we'll do whatever it takes to help you get there. Did someone say, Tequila shots? We've got a bar at the shop!

Let's do this! -Tim Lease Tattoos and Little Fang Tattoos


To meet us, Tim Lease Tattoos and Little Fang Tattoos, check out our interview here!

We talk about what it's like to work together, tell some crazy stories about tattoos and clients, and show you some collaboration tattoos we've done at the end. There are no big thrills and glamour here. This is a normal Wed morning after we just tattooed for 14 hours the night before, and this is how we genuinely are! Plus, you really get to know we met...what it's like to hang with us at the shop! Whether that's good or bad, you can be the judge at the end!








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